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Franz L. Cauchi founded Funclips Corp. January 1st 1998 because of a personal desire to help others in the community. With an entrepreneurial spirit, it was realized both the community’s disadvantaged and private sector business could benefit from a coupon marketing project: “Our goal at Funclips is to provide ongoing support to a community-based organization whose mandate is to help local people with special needs” Our personal commitment is to help people in a community through the work of an organization whose function is to improve the quality of life and to provide motivational and educational opportunities. "We believe that caring for people is the route to being successful in life." We want to feel we have made a difference.

In London, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Sarnia, Guelph, Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Newmarket and Barrie similar coupon programs have assisted many different groups, including Community Living Ontario, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Children’s Aid Foundation, the Salvation Army, Women’s Community House, Interim Place and various food banks.

In Toronto & Mississauga, Sports for Kids receives the proceeds from our current 2016 coupon book sales. In Oakville, Community Living Oakville receives proceed from all 2016 books. And finally, Simcoe Community Services in Barrie receive funding from the sale of all 2016 Barrie books.


Executive Mission:

To share our skills, health and enthusiasm to help others through our successful business venture.


Funclips Goals:

  • Raise funds in support of an organization that serves a community

  • Establish long-term public awareness of a community’s needs

  • Create unprecedented public awareness for our charities by way of various messages being delivered both online and in print.

  • To establish business success and build a strong company foundation to support further expansion around the globe.

  • To provide an affordable "proven" advertising program for many local businesses.



The mission of Community Living Oakville (CLO) is to encourage and support full community participation while providing quality services, supports and opportunities, enabling people with developmental disability to live active, rewarding and fulfilling lives. In the past 6 years, roughly $30,000 in contributions have been generated from the sale of Funclips deal books, of which more than $7,600 has been donated to CLO Annually, more than 200 people living in Oakville receive support from a variety of CLO programs.

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With the highly recognized community involvement of Simcoe Community Services (SCS), formerly the Barrie & District Association for People With Special Needs, this charity has been receiving Funclips funding each and every year since 2003. Currently, hundreds of people with intellectual disabilities are supported by SCS and Funclips endeavours to continue to be part of that success.

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Having been a child missing-out on organized sport, Franz Cauchi has been dedicated to the development of Sports For Kids. Since the launch of the 2011 Mississauga & Toronto Funclips Coupon books in Ontario, our application for funding families in need has never been more important.

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