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Sports For Kids

Help get little ones off the sidelines! Far too often childhood lives are wasting away doing lack-luster activities. Only with the purchase of Funclips books can you enhance our ability to support the ever increasing number of children that have the burning desire to play!

You can make a
in a kid’s life!


Dear Friends:

One of the greatest pleasures in a young person's life is learning and excelling in sport! Sadly, across Canada thousands of underprivileged children go without playing sport due to family financial barriers. Sports for Kids wants to help make the dream of sport participation possible for hundreds of children.

We believe all youth should be given the opportunity to play sports. Funding raised will be used primarily for the payment of children's registration fees. These fees in turn will assist sport organizations to conduct their day-to-day operations.

Our core objective is to provide each family and their child up to $300 in athletic funds. Based on revenue results from the Funclips coupon book over the past 20 years, proceeds can assist up to 100 children on an annual basis.

Please promote and share the application-for-assistance as found on the website: The time it takes for a parent to complete this short form and click the submit button can have a long-lasting positive impact on the life of their child.

With the purchase of this amazing deal book, you will enhance our ability to support the ever increasing number of children that have the desire to play!

Thank-you for supporting Sports for Kids!


Franz L. Cauchi


1691 Dufferin Street, Toronto, Ontario, M6E 3N9
Phone: 647-901-9704


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