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When the majority of business Sponsors have been with Funclips for 5-10 years+ ; something must be right. Celebrating 20 years in business! Funclips will provide references with a written request

Why Funclips?

  • Get Noticed! Funclips distinguishes your business from your competitors.

  • There is a business philosophy: it is better to have spots filled at a discount, rather than leaving them empty.

  • A profitable proposition: running your coupon deal with us will increase your bottom-line more favourably over the 800+ “daily-deal” sites. Simply put; per transaction, your business keeps a greater slice of the pie!

  • Your distributed deal online and in print amounts to only pennies per impression.

  • Our marketing experts will work with you to develop attractive deals and unique incentives.

  • Our proficient sales professionals are educated on effective sales techniques with particular attention paid to being friendly and informed about your business and industry.

  • Historically, 1 in 3 coupon redeemers are visiting a business for the first time.

  • Funclips retains a 65-70% renewal rate with existing advertisers consistently over the past 20 years.


- Per year/cycle. Includes “approved-by-you” graphic layout.


Funclips Marketing Outline

Everyone loves a discount! In fact, stats show that before they buy, over 90% of North American consumers seek out the very best value. This driving force motivates the purchaser to seek-out deals, discounts and coupon offers for where they want to make product and service purchases. One of our specialties is pairing motivated shoppers with family attraction (entertainment) and restaurant establishments!

Enter Funclips: a favourite among savvy spenders! Our mission is to bring together a selection of unique & amazing deals. We accomplish this by way of providing both online deals and printed coupon books. We are rolling-out the red carpet for providing our subscribers with online offers: deals that you provide in good faith to both build that new relationship and foster further loyalty with your existing patrons. 

Online Details:

  • Each of your deals, along with 2 images, are posted online.
  • Weekly emails are sent to all active subscribers; allowing them to instantly view and acquire your deal.
  • Full redemption-tracking capabilities of all customers whom have acquired your coupon deal.
  • Users can purchase your business deals for $1.00 each and use them within a specified validation period.

  • Your deal will be coded with specific features regarding User redemption, cap-per-user, quantity, expiry & other attributes.


Print Details:

  • Time-line of the 2019 Funclips Coupon Book: October 2018 to December 20, 2019 (expiry).

  • Your “coupon page”, consisting of 3 offers, will be printed in the Funclips Book.

  • Maximum distribution of 32,000 deal books. (*4 editions. See below)

  • Statistically, approximately 4 people are regularly using each Funclips in circulation.

  • About 128,000 people will routinely see & make possible use of your company specials.

  • On an annual basis, Funclips is sold via e-commerce, mail-in order, 3rd-party fundraisers, distributors and canvassers where introduction of your company's special offer will go out to over 400,000 dwellings in Ontario, Canada.

  • Selling for $19.95 each (tax incl.); the Toronto book has an anticipated distribution of 7-8K

  • Selling for $19.95 each (tax incl.); the Mississauga book has an anticipated distribution of 7-8K

  • Selling for $14.95 each (tax incl.); the Oakville book has an anticipated distribution of 7-8K

  • Selling for $16.95 each (tax incl.); the Barrie book has an anticipated distribution of 7-8K


Want to make a bigger splash? Ask about our colour covers.


- Per year/cycle. Includes “approved-by-you” graphic layout.


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