Yes, Even The CEO Uses Coupons

On a late Sunday afternoon during our March break and after coming back from a lengthy overnight road trip; my wife, son and I decide to visit a restaurant in our Toronto Funclips book! Consider it part of research and development (R & D) that goes on at Funclips Corporation. It's important to Papi (that's me) to occasionally use our own promotional deals and see for ourselves if various advertising partners make the cut! As customers, we want to partake in the experience of visiting many advertising Sponsors and confirm they maintain acceptable levels and service for inclusion in any of our marketing programs.

To refuel and treat our tummies we chose South Shore Bar & Grill, located at 264 Brown's Line, Toronto. Chicken wings was top of mind and we were long overdue. A place that has “grill” in their name better do up terrific job with wings. Arriving around 530 pm, we were 3 of only 5 people in the place, which was great because we got fast friendly service. The waitress was tentative while we needed more time to go over the menu. Prices were reasonable and there was a great selection of pastas, meat dishes including New York steak and ribs, sandwiches, nachos, burgers, wings, salads and many other items. At this point, I don't remember much more detail about the balance of the menu because all we wanted were wings. All the meals we ate that entire weekend were great tasting and not particularly healthy! As they say, you only live once!

Using a coupon, we ordered 2 orders of wings prepared in 2 different sauces: mild and hot, full rack of ribs with fries, pops and a pint of Canadian for me!

With the establishment being relatively quiet, I took the opportunity to walk around the nearly 3,000 square foot eatery to find a pool table, comfy sofas, a large bar and an array of large screen TV's broadcasting different sports. I even quickly stopped our waitress, with the chef nearby to ask if the sauce can be served “on the side” for one of the two chicken wing orders. “No problem” was the response and I went back down to our table.

The wings were served piping hot with carrot and celery sticks, ranch and blue cheese dipping sauces on the side: terrific! Bryan's meal must have been amazing as he didn't have time to say the words. He unapologetically and quickly chomped down on his ribs and fries! At one point however, the kid did offer up a few bones, and yes, they were totally scrumptious and fall-off-the-bone! For over an hour we shared in our freshly prepared dishes as our waitress came to check up on us a few times.

We had presented our coupon earlier, even though that's not always necessary and when the bill came, we saved $11.00!
Upon more R & D, we've discovered that South Shore is open daily at 11 am for breakfast (served all-day), lunch and you can use your Funclips discount offer anytime!

And yes; my tall pint was served perfectly chilled! All the great service and food made for a pleasant visit to this new 2016 Sponsor! We will definitely be going back to this Etobicoke restaurant pub!


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