Door to Door Canvassing Jobs: Challenging & Well-Paid Employment Work

One of the advantages to selling Funclips, is that we foster strong long-lasting relationships with local charities that most consumers (and/or supporters) can easily relate to and appreciate. Check out our relationships here:

After having hired and trained people for nearly 25 years, I've come to the realization that the people that have found us and stuck it out for quite some time (minimum of 6 months) are very special people; full of passion, common sense and strong personalities. Our promotional company has been truly blessed to have had so many people stick around for 5-10 plus years! 

Question & Answer:

Q: Why do so many canvassing sales people stick around for so long?

A: Top 4 reasons that immediately come to mind: The sales agent (employee) has a pleasant & sincere personality, the charitable cause (fundraiser) is admirable, the unique amazing certificate deals contained within the Funclips book and lastly the money earned is; well, pretty sweet!

Q: Why perform door to door?

A: Gets product to market right away and with less overhead. The sales/fundraising agent can see instant gratification. Low ticket items often sell quick. We deliver the “pitch” within 30 to 60 seconds.

Q: What if I don't sell anything?

A: Get back-up on the horse and keep at it. It's at this stage in the learning curve (of the position) where most people fail! It's not that they can't perform the job, it's that they give up after not allowing themselves the opportunity to see what they are truly capable of. Greatness at taking on anything new comes with serious sustained effort and training.

Q: Why might I consider door to door charity canvassing?

A: It's rewarding in so many ways: get comfortable speaking with strangers, low impact exercise, getting fresh air & being outside, being rewarded for sharing something important, develop strong character (and a thick skin) while handling objections and unpleasant people and the fullfillment of knowing you're supporting a great cause with a clear set of mission and goals.

Q: Are the hours flexible?

A: Yes, however be patient and your desired work hours will come typically after a month when you have basically “proven yourself”. With our fundraising position, you are often handling hundreds in credit and cash transactions on a daily basis.

Q: Isn't this job precarious?

A: There are many critics out there that describe this job as precarious, however, in most instances these people have either never tried such a position or had for only a short period of time. Obviously, if handling immediate rejection is not your bag and your feelings are hurt, then giving up early is an easy and quick decision. The key with this job is to not give up and fight a good fight! Critics would have you believe that because the industry may have a high turn-over rate (of staff), the job therefore must be precarious. Truth is, if you stick it out and take a good run at bat, you can & will succeed.

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Enjoy your day,

Franz Cauchi

CEO, Funclips Corp


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